Vitanorm C+ Energy Delicate Face Pilling

$7.50 $10

Activation of cell energy

Natural skin radiance

With AHA acids and phitoenzymes

Cleansing, regeneration and restoration

This smart product is developed to have three actions: delicate peeling, soft exfoliation and restoring mask. This is gentle deep cleansing, gentle peeling and strengthened dermis nourishment, which does not require extra moisturizing treatments after rinsing off. The fruit AHA-acids in this product improve the skin micro-relief, have exfoliating and antioxidant actions and stimulate the collagen synthesis in the dermis layers. The phitoenzymes of pineapple and papaya soften deep wrinkles, gradually lighten pigmented spots, regenerate, promote skin detoxification, regulation of skin oiliness and reduce the effects of acne. The white claysmooths out your skin, calms, contracts your pores and completes the cleansing treatment.

APPLICATION: apply 1-2 times a week a thick layer of the product onto the slightly wet skin of your face, except the area around your eyes. Massage with light circular movements for 5-7 minutes. Thoroughly rinse off with water.

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