Vitanorm C+ Energy Face Tonic

$7.50 $15

Activation of cell energy

Deep moisturizing

Increased elasticity

Natural toning up

For all skin types

This gentle tonic calms, relieves irritation, removes remaining impurities, contracts your pores, refreshes the skin of your face and renders it matte. After the basic cleansing treatment, it perfectly moisturizes and nourishes your skin and restores its elastic structure. The hyaluronic acid in the product maintains a normal water balance in the skin cells, forms a protective film on its surface, holds and prevents evaporation of the moisture and reduces the depth of wrinkles. The powerful natural antioxidant vitamin C has tonic properties, strengthens the blood vessel walls, and perfectly supports your tissue immunity, activates the protective function of your skin. This component helps to slow down the aging process, increases collagen synthesis, enhances antioxidant protection, inhibits melanin production, prevents the formation of age spots and evens out your skin tone.

APPLICATION: apply a small amount of the product onto a cotton disc after the cleansing treatment and wipe your face and neck. Do not rinse off with water.

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