The Snail Crystal Stealth Eye Mask

$5 $10

What is the first thing about you someone notices when they gaze your way?

Your gorgeous eyes, of course!
Keep them preserved with this unique snail gel eye mask. No need to be weirded out by this natural concoction--snail 'slime' is the upcoming huge trend and here's why:

Snails produce a unique substance that regenerates its own shell and skin(wow!), containing a perfect balance of beneficial components including glycolic acid, collagen, elastin, allantoin(strengthens & regenerates), vitamins and minerals.

Take an advantage of this anti-aging, anti-puffing, dark circle eliminating, moisturizing gem. You'll notice results right away, such as how smooth and soft your skin becomes. The skin around your eyes are thinner than other areas on your face, so handle with care. Regenerate and preserve, and repeat!

*Don't worry, no snails were harmed during the process.

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