White Lotus

Dermastamping Revision Facial


Learn the benefits of derma stamping learn to incorporate this treatment at home using your personal Derma stamp kit. Our skin specialists will educate you on its use & demonstrate your first treatment. For both hair & body treatments.

Take home kit offered with Facial* 

subject to availability. 

Duration -

30 minutes 

The dermastamp is ideal for small isolated scars that are hard to access with the dermaroller or where intense stimulation is required in a concentrated area.

Why Use the Dermastamp Instead of the Dermaroller?

    • More Targeted: The Derma Stamp can provide intense stimulation in a small area such as a scar. This is difficult for the Dermaroller which is better rolled across a wider area.
    • Does not pull hair out: When assisting hair loss hair can become entangled in the axis of the Dermaroller. This hair can be pulled out exasperating the problem.

    How Does the Dermastamp Reduce Scarring?

    • Breaks down damaged collagen: The mechanical stimulation of the stamp breaks down the knotted collagen bundles in the scar. The process of skin needling also increases the production of collagenase a group of enzymes that break down misaligned scar tissue
    • Inducts new collagen: Micro needling creates a complete new layer of collagen to replace the damaged scar tissue producing smoother skin.
    • Increases Scar Serum absorption: The dermastamp dramatically increases the absorption of the White Lotus Scar serum which helps renew skin cells in the area.

     How Does the Dermastamp Encourage Hair Restoration?

    • Increased Absorption: The Dermastamp can dramatically increase absorption of the White Lotus Hair Restoration Spray allowing the spray to work more effectvely on the hair roots.
    • Stem Cells and Growth Factors: Research has suggested that microneedling benefits hair restoration by stimulating stem cells and inducing growth factors. More research is being done to determine if this is the cause of its effectiveness (1).

    Why Choose the White Lotus Dermastamp?

    • Reputation: White Lotus are a specialist microneedling company. We have delivered microneedling products for over 12 years. The founder Anthony Kingston is the author of the best seller 'Holistic Microneedling' He is the microneedling advisor for BABTAC in the UK and has demonstrated his innovative skin needling techniques on National Television.
    • Machine Assembled and Sterilised: This is vital in an industry that can often inspire poor quality and unsafe imitations.
    • Tamper Evident Sealed: To ensure the products arrive safe and sterile.
    • Durability: High quality stainless steel microneedles mean the product lasts a year unlike weaker alternatives.
    • Local Expert Support: 24 hour phone and email support as well as expert videos to make sure you get the best out of your products.

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