Janssen Cosmetics

Balancing Cream


(Combination Skin)


Balancing care cream for combination skin. With extracts of red algae, rice bran and aloe vera. This product contains marine ingredients. Please see Active Substances for more details. 


Regularly massage gently into the skin in the morning and/or evening after cleansing with Gentle Cleansing Powder. 

Tip: Also outstanding suitable as a foundation for make-up.


• Sugar-like substance from rice bran: Balances the lipid content of dry and greasy areas of skin

• Red algae extract (Condrus crispus): Moisturizing

• Aloe vera: Soothing and skin-clarifying

• Fine polyamide powder: Porous, round spheres; microfine; absorb surplus sebum and leave the surface of the skin looking matte

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